Travel Designer is a Cape Town based Urban Safari Specialist Tour Operator – with a proven three-year track-record.

We offer unforgettable Cape City and Country Experiences, for our Adventurers. We prize style, comfort and the uncommon. It is an established fact that experiential activities are a key component of the concept of “New Luxury Travel”.

Travel Designer and its Founder, Ozzy Yerlikaya, have become synonymous with curated adventures and our original “Urban Safaris”. Founded three years ago by Ozzy, the Travel Designer brand is recognized by our limited-edition luxury Land Rover Defenders. Other vehicles which best suit the needs and requests of our Adventurers are sourced on request. Ozzy’s energetic personality, infectious enthusiasm and unparalleled insider knowledge of the Mother City are legendary. Ozzy knows Cape Town and Cape Town knows Ozzy!

Our “Urban Safaris” enable our Adventurers to feel like locals whilst travelling in comfort and with great expertise and knowledge of our Adventurists. We guide our Adventurers through the essential, must-see-and-do experiences such as Table Mountain, Cape Point and the Winelands. In addition, we talk to our Adventurers and find out what really excites them. Then we’ll add a surprise twist. And we’ll change it along the way; we’ll stop to swim in the sunshine on a secluded beach, follow a forgotten path or stop for a chocolate/gin or beer tasting. We stitch together experiences to delight, at some of the Mother City’s best hidden secrets.

In addition, our “On-board Specialist” concept allows us to provide additional specialist expertise on curated daily tours, in conjunction with our Adventurists. On-board specialists handle activities such as Trail-running, Mountain-biking, Graffiti (street) Art tours, Culinary and Wine Tours, and a number of other novel and specialized activities.

Our daily luxury service includes:

• A qualified Adventurist best suited to your clients’ needs and adventure plan perfect match for your clients in our team.

• A Luxury Land Rover Defender or suitable vehicle with your or your agents branding with the necessary transportation permits and full public and passenger liability insurance coverage.

• Soft, alcoholic drinks and light gourmet snacks according your clients’ preferences and dietary requirements.

• All fuel and toll costs.

• Complimentary Wi-Fi on board via mobile modem.

• Proper sound and radio system with Bluetooth connection which allow your guests to play their own music on board.

• Proper photography and videography service by our adventurist.

Our daily luxury offer rate excludes:

• All additional costs such as park entry fees

• Excursions like Table Mountain Cable Way/Robben Island

• Lunch and dinner costs

• On-board specialists during the tour

Travel Designer owns and operates two 7 seaters, Luxury Limited Edition Land Rover Defenders named “Afrika” and “Seyyah”- the best of their kind, world-wide.

Our Land Rover Defenders can accommodate up to 6 guests + 1 Adventurist (guide) making a total 7 occupants.

Our unique selling point is to offer our guests that special on-safari feeling whilst touring the most beautiful city in the world, providing true adventures and unforgettable safari-style experiences combined with urban sophistication.

Our vehicles are fitted with all the most sought-after optional extras offering complete comfort and a unique style which provide a refreshing alternative to regular day tours in the Mother City and surrounds. In addition, Travel Designer offers a "white-label" service whereby our vehicles can provide with personalized signage on our vehicle to provide your own brand awareness and presence in the Mother City.

Our transfers and tours are all conducted with professional and fully licensed guides and drivers or driver/guides. Our vehicles carry compulsory transportation permits required for ground operators, and full public liability insurance and passenger liability insurance each to the amount of ZAR 10 000 000 are included.


Our Adventurists are all qualified Western Cape tour guides with a special love and passion for their work and currently include Ozzy our Founder and “Magician”, Dave our “Sage”, Chris our “Explorer” and Robin our “Companion”. This special band of adventurists who all share a mix of the essential above-mentioned components, are driven to fulfilling our adventurers’ dreams during their stay in the most beautiful and diverse city in the world.

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For assistance and bookings contact us on or call +27 76 907 9466


Meet The Team


If you want your African trip chances something in your life than Ozzy is the dude

Meet Ozzy “The Magician”

Ozzy understands travel.

Born in the seductive city of Istanbul, where Europe meets Asia, Ozzy was raised in the East of Turkey near the Iranian border, going on to study Economics in Izmir. Thoughout his childhood Ozzy travelled extensively with his family, fuelling his strong desire to see the world.

After accepting that Economics was not his future, Ozzy began to focus on photography with a specific interest in travel photography, escaping lectures in lieu of capturing images of people and life on the move, seeing the world through a lens as his two passions, travel and photography merged.

Forever one to push his personal boundaries, Ozzy started scuba diving in 2000 and can still remember vividly what it felt like the first time he saw the ocean from below, the serenity and strong connection to himself. At that point he was unaware that the following 8 years would be water-based ones


After being employed at a dive center for 3 years, Ozzy became CMAS and PADI certified as a professional diving instructor, working at some of the best scuba diving sites in Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

In 2007 Ozzy took up an invitation to move to South Africa as Operations Manager at Elements Travel, a Turkish tour operator. This is where his passion for travel expanded to the dusty plains and wildlife of his newly adopted country.

As much as the cosmopolitan nature of Johannesburg drew his interest it was Cape Town that captured his heart and in 2009 he settled in the Mother City. Three years ago, motivated by a burning desire to offer the very best travel experiences for his clients, Ozzy founded Travel Designer, a bespoke tour operating company.

From here he creates personalized tailor-made experiences that allow you to understand Cape Town from a local’s perspective. Motivated by the artists, eateries and hotspots he supports, Ozzy’s passion for the people, planet and good times is unmatched. Add to that his ready smile and sense of humour, consummate professionalism and commitment to giving you the best of travel.


Meet Dave “The Sage”

With the exciting changes in South Africa at the end of the Apartheid era, Dave pursued opportunities within the leisure and travel industry, which was suddenly open for business. A fortuitous break into luxury hospitality came in the form of a marketing position at Rovos Rail, where he spent 11 happy, formative years travelling extensively between the Americas and South Africa promoting the Most Luxurious Train in the World.

An urge to be closer to his family in the Western Cape prompted him to secure a position in International sales at the Cape Grace Hotel, where he was based for 2,5 years. A successful career firmly established in the formal hospitality environment, Dave left sheltered employment and the corporate grind for a life-changing sabbatical. His timing could not have been better, as a fortuitous catch up at a local restaurant with friend and former neighbor Ozzy would prove. A conversation about business and aspirations were matched by Ozzy’s enthusiasm and incredible knowledge of the Mother City, inspiring Dave to complete his Cape Town and surrounds guiding qualification.

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Meet Chris “The Explorer”

Growing up in the southern shadow of Table Mountain Chris developed a strong passion and pride for the cultural and natural heritage of the Cape.

After an interest in Cape medicinal plants lead Chris to pioneering award-winning eco-winelands walking tour at Waterford Estate, it was clear to him that guiding came naturally, and so he took it up as a profession.

Chris is inspired by the Cape's creativity, especially its music. If not out surfing or hiking, in his free time Chris writes music with a unique Cape flavour.

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Meet Robin “The Companion”

With a history grounded in promotions, service and education Robin laid the foundation for his dream job with a start in teaching followed by a sales role servicing diverse industries and clients continuously seeking learning opportunities. Robin’s move to Cape Town in 2005 was the final piece of the puzzle to a new journey. He left the structure of the corporate world and channeled his love for sharing knowledge and the Cape into tourism when in 2010 he qualified as a Western Cape cultural guide. Robin instantly knew he had found his sweet-spot. Robin has worked with clients across countries like the US, UK, Spain, Australia, Turkey, India and more. From a simple transfer to Wine Safari’s to showing his favorite secret penguin spot Robin strives to customize experiences to each person’s preferences. His good relationships with industry personnel across the Western Cape added to his passion for discovering the unique means he can offer guests the experience they will remember and share.

When he is not working, Robin is a family man and enjoys taking his family to explore, sharing his love for music and new places.

He cannot wait for his son to join in his passions for coffee and wine but for now sharing his enthusiasm for good food keeps them discovering and delighting in delectable moments.

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Meet Doug and Stout “Brothers Unlashed”

Doug Turvey is a registered and accredited tour guide who grew up in South Africa where he represented the country in both athletics and spring-board diving. After graduating in commerce from the universities of Cape Town and Johannesburg, Doug spent a number of years living and travelling extensively through Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Doug has travelled to over 70 countries and this passion for travel shines through in his interaction with our guests.

Other than travel, Doug’s interests include a wide variety of subjects that span wildlife and conservation, adventure sports, aviation and photography along with his true passion, his Belgian Shepherd and 4-legged adventurist named Stout who will accompany guests on their tours.

Having removed himself from the high-powered world of finance, Doug re-ignited his adventurous spark and joined Ozzy to help run the Travel Designer business. He’s only too happy to escape the office and share his passion for travel, the outdoors and adventure with his guests. You name it, he does it, trail running, hiking, mountain biking, stand-up paddling, kite boarding and adventure racing.

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