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January 3, 2019

Surfing the formidable Skeleton Bay near Walvis Bay, Namibia.

Travel Designer recently joined our pro surfer Dale Staples and a gathering of devoted surfers for a week of wilderness and barrelling waves on Namibia’s coastline, staying at the remotely placed Pelican Point Lodge.

The area is home to Skeleton Bay aka Donkey Bay, rated as the best wave in the world by many professional wave riders. Fondly referred to as the Donkey, it sets a benchmark for the perfect wave: a two-kilometre-long runway of sand that offers surfers the chance to get the longest tubes of their lives, riding deep inside the curl of the wave. It’s fickle though, only reaching perfection for about 2-3 days each year.

Skeleton Bay is far from the only wave worth surfing in Namibia. The road between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund offers a series of good more playful waves and high-quality reef breaks, some only accessible by 4×4. Guns is the most well-known of these, a perfect right and left A-frame peak about 20 kilometres south of Swakopmund.

Reserved for experienced surfers, Travel Designer can arrange your visit – with an add-on exploration of Namibia. The best time is May to September. It’s an area that’s unlikely to be crowded, even when the surf is up. Hazards do include sharks, seals and rocks … but then many of the best surf spots too.

If the Donkey appears too intimidating, there are countless surfing options in and around Cape Town and further along our shoreline, and we can arrange a day – or days – for you with our pro surfer Dale Staples offering his expertise and guidance. Just say the word – Surf’s Up – and we’ll arrange it!

Watch the video produced by Dale that captures the week spent there.


This collection of pics will further entice you to this truly unique adventure experience.

Surfers watching the swell before heading out to catch the wave


The scale of the Donkey as Dale rides it.


Warming up around the fire and sharing tales of wonder
Next to the lighthouse at Skeleton Bay, Ozzy and Dale savouring the mood and the moment.

Local residents not quite paying due attention to the activities

Footage by Dale and Ozan Emre Yerlikaya, edited by Staples Productions.