Ozzy and Secret Adventurer
Hosting Singita’s Top Chefs For an Exceptional Day in Cape Town.
December 15, 2017
Taking You To New Heights With Travel Designer.

At Travel Designer, we see things from a different perspective, stepping away from the norm to introduce you to a unique and rather exceptional side of lifestyle travel with experiences that give you access to legendary local people and moments that are both enviable and inspiring. In keeping with this unique travel philosophy, and with the diverse beauty of Cape Town as our landscape, we take you to enthralling viewpoints, immerse you in the natural beauty of our surrounds and spoil you with our personal service every step of the way.

Dale Staples, professional surfer, aerial photographer and avid traveller, has created this beautiful video for us that brings home the essence of our city and the love we feel for it, making it clear why this is where Travel Designer and Ozzy are based, and showcasing some of what we share with our guests and clients on their visits.

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