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Top 10 Gin Experiences and bars in Cape Town.

Huge thanks to Eatsplorer for including Travel Designer‘s sunset appreciation master class in their Top 10 Gin Experiences and bars in Cape Town. Read the full article here.

As quoted: ‘We don’t know about you, but we feel like gin is having a bit of a moment and we’re here to make sure that this trend keeps trending, because if there is one thing we love it’s parking off with a perfectly cool, gorgeously garnished, fabulously layered gin cocktail somewhere festive and fabulous.’

Sunset Cocktail Safari

Ozzy Yerlikaya is one of those blokes everyone in Cape Town seems to know. His backstory also sounds like the plot of a concocted by Wilbur Smith in collaboration with John Steinbeck – lots of epic adventures interspersed with life-changing realisations. Suffice it to say, before Ozzy made his way to South African shores he came of age in the seductive city of Istanbul, from where the travelled extensively with his family and worked around the world before he settled in Cape Town and now offers bespoke experiences that tap into the magic of the Mother City. His popular Sunset Cocktail Safari that can be exclusively booked on Eatsplorer takes you on an adventure to one of Cape Town’s best-loved lookout points, where your group will be treated to craft G&Ts and gourmet snacks served in the comfort of luxurious safari chairs with a plush Turkish carpet underfoot. Best of all – the location is kept a secret until the day of your safari, so there’s the tantalising suspense-surprise element as well.

When: Any day, booking on request.

Top Gin Experiences Cape Town

Keep ahead of the gin evolution curve.

Read Eatsplorer Top Ten Gin Experiences in Cape Town to keep you fuelled with the white spirit that is on everyone’s lips. Production by Eatsplorer. Photograph by Jan Ras.

Top Gin Experiences Cape Town

Top Gin Experiences Cape Town