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Visiting South African Designers in Their Workspace.

One of the unique experiences Travel Designer offers is the opportunity to visit some of the young and talented South African designers in their own workspace. These designer’s products range from clothing, jewellery to sunglasses. We call it ‘The Role and Significance of Creativity in The Urban Realm’ and this is an introduction to some of our favourites we visited at the Bo-Op Collective.

Sealand – Jasper Eales

Rooted in Cape Town’s southern peninsula where mountains and ocean so vividly connect, Sealand was born with a conviction of keeping the environment front and centre alongside inspired functional designs and longevity. Smart material selection, compelling functionality and product durability are all palpable features of what Sealand make. Sealand’s start-up team lives the Sealand brand with combined passions for business, for the wondrous outdoors, for life.

With a huge heart for the ocean, Mike Schlebach is recognised for his contribution to waste fabric upcycling in South Africa and sits amongst the country’s best known big wave surfers. Jasper Eales, the imaginative mind behind the brand, drives the brands’ focus to achieve refined, practical solutions, which are designed to last. Meagan Webb has a keen eye for design and has come on board to assist in taking Sealand to Europe. Together, they are the creative minds and fabrication specialists behind Sealand Gear, bringing inspired design in upcycled material texture combinations from the drawing board to the rack.Join us behind the scenes with these talented designers.

Bo-Op Designers

Follow them on Instagram at @sealandgear.

Ballo – Alistair Barnes

Meet the founder of BalloAlistair Barnes. Ballo, a wooden sunglass brand founded in Cape Town at the beginning of 2013, manufactures all its products locally with an environmentally conscious ethos. Its first product range, the Eyewood sunglasses, are all handmade in its Woodstock workshop using wooden offcuts from local furniture producers. So far there are frames are made of cherry wood, walnut and imbuia. Each frame is strengthened with a central layer of recycled paper material, is 100% polarised and can be fitted with prescription lenses.

Bo-Op Designers

Follow them on Instagram at @balloct.

Charlie H. Clothing – Charlie Hilltout

Owner/fashion designer Charlie Hilltout tries to offer exclusivity and individuality through her clothing. Charlie says: “If you look at my clothing everything is quite classical in form. I don’t really work though trends or any of that. I think it’s more important to make clothes people love and keep for whole life than just making something that’s going to be trendy for a month and just thrown away”.

Bo-Op Designers

Follow them on Instagram at @charliehdesign

Grandt Mason Footwear – Grandt Mason

Grandt Mason is a dynamic Cape TTown-based industrial designer and owner of several local design businesses. With a passion for footwear, Grandt has spent the last 15 years developing his brand – Grandt Mason, a footwear label renowned for pioneering sustainable production processes alongside impeccable quality.  Grandt Mason is South Africa’s first eco-footwear brand. They design and manufacture sustainable, high-quality and comfortable footwear for men and women since 2002. All their products are handmade in their atelier in Cape Town (Woodstock), using fair trade principles and local resources.

Follow him on Instagram at @grandtmason

Anna Rosholt Jewellery Design – Anna Rosholt

Bo-Op Designers

Anna Rosholt is a contemporary jewellery designer and manufacturer working in Cape Town. She graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with a BA Fine Arts: Creative Jewellery and Metal Design, before going to London to study Diamond Grading at the Gemological Institute of America. Anna’s love of beautiful design and her quirky taste inspire her work, and her attention to quality and detail are the outstanding features of her jewellery. Her signature Beetle Range which was launched at Design Indaba 2015 is all about Africa, and all about luxury. Featuring hundreds of hand-made beetles, put together to create very bold, very bling and very beautiful jewellery.

“My Beetle range was mostly inspired by my Grandmother, who wore gorgeous Scarab jewellery that she had collected in her travels to Egypt. I have always shared her fascination with them and decided to design my range around them. My Beetles, however, are more inspired by our own South African Dung Beetle that is actually in the same family/species as the Egyptian Scarabs! Although these prehistoric Beetles are so small, they are incredibly strong and tenacious, and even though they are creepy crawly insects that push dung for a living, they are an extremely important part of our ecosystem. I wanted my range to be as bold and beautiful as these tiny beetles are, and use them as symbols of South African luxury.” – Anna

Follow her on Instagram  @annarosholt_jewellery

Stockton Goods – Gareth O’Brien

Bo-Op Designers

Stockton is an artisan leather goods company headed up by the founder Gareth. Based in Cape Town, they skillfully craft all their products under one roof in their workshop in Woodstock. Built on principles of high quality, longevity and Made in South Africa, their manufacture of timeless leather goods is a true labour of love. They are a small team of craftsmen producing every piece by hand.

They utilize the same tools and techniques that have been put to work for centuries to manufacture heritage leather goods with a modern aesthetic. They use the best premium vegetable tanned leather sourced from a century old family owned tannery in Kwazulu Natal and combine it with materials sourced from select suppliers and repurposed or found materials to deliver a product that stands up to life’s challenges and ages beautifully over time. They strive to make beautiful, responsible and functional products of the best quality and durability at a fair price. Gareth says: In short, we like to make good, quality stuff to use.

Follow them on Instagram at @stocktongoods

Want to meet the designers?

Contact Travel Designer for a personalised shopping experience that includes meeting these talented designers in their workspaces. The video was filmed by Eden Weiss of Eden Weiss Videography with special thanks to the Bo-Op Collective for hosting us as we filmed some of your talented designers. follow themon Facebook at: BO-OP BALLO Grandt Mason Sealand Gear Charlie Hilltout Anna Rosholt Jewellery DesignStockton Goods