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Private Concert with Slow Jack

The Cape Town Nightlife
September 13, 2017
The Music Man
The Music Man
September 13, 2017

How about we take you to a house where a young and super talented South African pop rock band lives, where you can meet them and enjoy a private concert in their home?

Who is Slow Jack?

A product of the coastal city of Cape Town South Africa, where everything is perceived to happen at its own leisurely place, the city’s special vibrations filters through the unique sound of Slow Jack. Drawing their inspiration from their surrounds, the music and lyrics speak of abundance, hardship and everyday life that affect us all.

Slow Jack has grown into an ensemble of some of the most talented musicians in Cape Town to render a rare and seldom seen chemistry on stage. Professional musicians without the proverbial day job, they share a special passion to be as good as they possibly could be and their inventive approach to music is a special fusion of pop and rock that does not mirror the ordinary.

The members of Slow Jack are Hannes Muller – Guitar & Vocals, Jayme van Tonder – Violin & Vocals, Jeandre Schultz – Lead Guitar & Vocals, Andre van der Merwe – Bassist and Adrian Fowler – Drums.

Chances are good that you’ll leave as a fan, if you’re not one already.

As Jack once said: “Get out of the race. There is no need to rush. The chords before tomorrow shape our future remembrance of the past”.

Let intimately hosted live music be a part of your Cape Town experience.