Star Bathing at Bliss & Stars with Daria and Hein

The Star Bathing experience combines the ancient with the new, the rough with the luxurious, and the simple with the advanced. You will experience the night sky as the bushmen saw it – far away from light pollution and urban noise.

Cattle Ranching with Julie Hobson in The Karoo

The Karoo is a wonder of endless veld, ancient rock formations and infinite skies. Karoo Ranching encapsulates the warm hospitality of this magnificent place, making adventure and reflection a part of everyday life.

Roads Less Traveled with Justin Bonello

There are still places in the world where time slows down; that are wild and remote, free from distractions. One such place is Bakkrans. In this surreal landscape, we host an exclusive stay and adventure with Justin Bonello.

Dining and Tales at the Cottage

A scenic flight over the Atlantic Seaboard and Cape Point has you landing near the reserve for your onwards passage to Travel Designer’s private Mountain Cottage.