Cattle Ranching

with Julie Hobson in The Karoo

There's a place that will change you. It's called The Karoo

The Karoo is a wonder of endless veld, ancient rock formations and infinite skies. Karoo Ranching encapsulates the warm hospitality of this magnificent place, making adventure and reflection a part of everyday life. Think thundering horse rides, grasses drenched with golden light, hot coffee in cold hands, roostekoek, stories around the fireside, bonds and friendships formed. This truly is the heartland and Travel Designer is forever grateful to have been welcomed into it.




Cattle Rancher

Karoo Ranching was born of Julie’s desire to inspire a new generation of farmers in South Africa. ‘It was time to move the focus from the historically negative perception of ‘boers’ to one driven by a new generation who are revising a more acceptable and sustainable model of farming’, says Julie, who feels that by hosting intimate groups of guests she can provide an impassioned perspective and better understanding of farming as a viable present-day career option for ambitious young professionals. 

Julie welcomes her guests and invites them to feel and experience the magic of the Karoo mountains for themselves. If there’s a place that will change you, it’s the Karoo.


Travel Evangelist

Turkish-born Cape Town resident Ozzy Yerlikaya founded Travel Designer with the express purpose of connecting travellers with beautiful people and places through sleek, expertly curated and soulful experiences.

Little did he know at the time that he would be changing the way people travel. Drawn to create profound moments and take the road less travelled, the dream was not only to inspire travel but to enhance it through previously unimagined journeys that deeply inspire, while having a positive impact on the surroundings. A tall ask – unless you’re born to the drive, charisma and determination of Ozzy. The ultimate Experiential Evangelist, Ozzy’s passion for tourism, the planet and good times remains unrivalled.


Every year Karoo Ranching opens up three of its cattle drives to the public with each guest rancher is allocated a horse for the duration of the roundup and required to be part of a fully functional ranching team. Accommodation is on the Elandskloof farm in two lovely restored ranch houses, one dating back to the 1800s with wrap around verandas, wooden floors and warm hospitality. Here you’ll meet the most authentic stockmen and women of the South African outback and are let into their worlds for a brief and remarkable few days


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