In The Fast Lane

with Michelle Hambly-Grobler

Porsche Personality of 2015,
Classic Car Enthusiast

Michelle Hambly-Grobler is a collector of fine cars, a mother of six, and a project manager – which is what allows her to follow her passion. Voted international Porsche personality of 2015, Michelle is an 11th generation South African and Cape Town is where she belongs. Her first Porsche experience involved the ex-Formula 1 racer Jochen Mass who used to live in Cape Town and was a family friend. Jochen owned a Porsche 964 and took Michelle for a drive which she will never forget. As a female rally driver, racing Porsche and being on the track and collecting cars has opened up a whole new world for Michelle. An impressive and fascinating woman at home in a predominately male drive environment


‘I learnt to drive at the age of 12 in a 1965 Ford Fairlane which I today have as part of my collection.’

‘I learnt to drive at the age of 12 in a 1965 Ford Fairlane which is now part of my collection.'


Crossley & Webb originated from Gareth Crossley and Bryan Webb’s joint experience and passion for specialist motoring and their desire to have a destination venue for fellow enthusiasts. Their cool designer Crossley & Webb space provides just this, and a unique turn-key solution for motoring enthusiasts. These include classic and sports car sales, luxury vehicle storage, master detailing centre and restorations. The intricate knowledge of their team further aligns them to their motoring loving clients.

“As a female rally driver, to race Porsche and be on the track and to collect cars has opened up a whole new world to me. Interestingly, if we think about where we currently find ourselves in the world, with regard to relationships between men and women, women and the earth and how we are trying to create a new balanced environment of equality – I have always found myself at home in this predominately male drive environment.”


Meet with classic car enthusiast Michelle Hambly-Grobler for an exclusive behind the scenes experience at Crossley & Webb before taking a scenic drive with her in one of the cars from her private collection. You will be invited to Michelle’s home to view her private Porsche collection, ending the day with Travel Designer’s signature Sunset Appreciation.

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