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with Zapiro.


Best known by his pen name Zapiro, Jonathan Shapiro is an editorial and political cartoonist who has actively been sharing his message for over 35 years. Initially as an activist who went on to become a cartoonist, commentator and visual satirist. Sketching since the age of four as a recommended means of dealing with nightmares, it was soon evident that Jonathan’s ability to draw what he sees would continue to expand.

Political Cartoonist
and Visual Columnist

Political Cartoonist and Visual Columnist

His political involvement predestined, with the viewpoints and influences of his mother, who had been a refugee of the Nazis, instilling in him the message of ‘Never Again’ – not only for the Jews but for all people. This activism would direct Jonathan to speak out for what he believed in, despite the risk, his career seeing him detained and suffering censorship during the Apartheid years. Jonathan enjoys the freedom of expression in South Africa today – and takes full advantage of it as a cartoonist able to publish exactly what he wishes. Satire through cartoons highlights current affairs and allows people to connect with the current situation.

“I really like that in South Africa we have a huge among of freedom of expression. I know that it hasn’t always been this way with censoring, backlisting, and media control, but generally people are able to speak out. This can be over the top, especially on social media where there is a viciousness – yet in terms of my own work as a cartoonist I am able to publish what would never be allowed elsewhere.”


Depart your hotel and head to Zapiro’s home studio where you will spend 2-3 hours in conversation with him, with a strong focus on the politics of South Africa, and beyond over coffee. You’ll have the opportunity to see some of his most iconic works and hear anecdotal accounts of his longstanding and impressive career. 

Your visit will be followed by a delicious lunch and trip up Table Mountain before being invited to enjoy Travel Designer’s signature Sunset Appreciation Masterclass. It’s in this setting that Cape Town will steal your heart with her setting sun.

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